Focus on Gender: SDG Targets are no such thing

Please see my latest Gender Blog for on the way in which the SDG targets are managing gender equality outcomes.

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Comment by Folorunsho Moshood Abolore on March 11, 2015 at 16:35

Thanks a million for sharing. I have read it. I am not so worried whether they are activities or targets. I'm always worried about the implementation of laudable ideas that can regenerate the human community and better the lots of women. I'm always sad when a woman dies while giving birth to another soul. We take care of the armed forces to the extent that in each country of the world there is armed forces remembrance day where fallen soldiers are eulogized. But we do next to nothing to those who die while giving birth to soldiers. As the world is planning to prioritize issues on Sustainable Development Goals, I think we need to look critically at the issues around Maternal Health - No woman should die while replenishing the earth! The developing world, with the support of the developed world, should include the following in the Sustainable Development Agenda because the Pregnant Woman is on NATIONAL SERVICE in any country. 1. Pregnancy should not equal to TERMINATION of employment - the Pregnant Woman should not be discriminated upon anywhere - home, office etc  2. The Pregnant Woman should be entitled to full salary and MATERNITY leave and allowance. 3. The Pregnant Woman should be entitled to adequate protection, care, support and PREGNANCY insurance policy/Life Assurance Policy. 4. The Pregnant Woman should be entitled to breast-feeding leave of not more than a year and/with allowance. Note that the Pregnant Woman is on NATIONAL SERVICE in any country - she must not die while giving BIRTH.

Comment by Rituu B Nanda on March 9, 2015 at 22:06

Thanks for cross-posting and making it possible to learn from you. Would you know who defines the SDGs? 

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