Blogs provide a space to members for sharing their experience on evaluation. On the 'blogs', you will find all blog postings of individual members.

You can write your own blog by going to the link

- click on '+Add Blog' at right hand corner

- fill in a title, the text.

-       You can paste the text in Plain text to remove formatting

-       You can add a link, image or attach a file

-       Thereafter you can add tags like geographical region, type of organisation (community/NGO/UN/CBO), and kind of activity  the blog is about, like research, gender Tags are important because they allow other users to easily find your blog.

-       Finally, click on preview which will open in a  new window. If you are satisfied click on publish or make edits as required.

-       In privacy and comments, you may choose that everyone can view the post and everyone can post comments.

-       When you write on your blog, this will automatically appear in the blogs page.

-       You are welcome to write a blog in your language. 

Whom to contact? In case you have a question, please feel free to contact Rituu B Nanda rituubnanda[at]

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