Knowledge Management for Gender and Evaluation

Ritu, I would like to extend my apologies for delay to write this blog post.

Integrating knowledge management with gender mainstreaming indicator and with M&E system has been topic of great interest. Gender focal points and KM focal point are incomplete in the absence of strong and robust monitoring and evaluation system. There is need to develop comprehensive list of indicators depending on nature of the project design, outputs, outcomes and Impact. The finalized comprehensive  indicators need to be included during design of online monitoring and evaluation system.

The availability of integrated system enables KM focal point to develop knowledge products with M&E facts and figure and gender dimension. Knowledge products can highlight gender dis-aggregated data and inferences across different age groups, access to education, access to resources and so on. 

Following are worth sharing documents.

  1. Gender in Agriculture
  2. Knowledge and Information Management for Gender Mainstreaming
  3. Gender and Knowledge Management at IFAD
  4. Knowledge Management Strategy on Gender as cross cutting issue
  5. Checklist for Gender SWOT Analysis
  6. Integrating Gender Equality in Monitoring and Evaluation Projects

Hope to share and learn more in 2015.

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