Dear all,
Interest in EvalYear is going up day by day. We are encouraging EvalYear events organizing teams (so far more than 22 events have been scheduled to virtually link up with many evaluators possible. It would be great to use social media to maximize the impact of your event and EvalYear 2015. Some of the suggestions may be to: 
Use Facebook by posting pictures and updates.
Post the blog on related websites and on the LinkedIn discussion groups.
Tweet about them and encourage social media network to repost and reblog.
Promote EvalYear to the top of the Tweeter pyramid by using it again and again!
Connect with government evaluation office Twitter and Facebook accounts and blog websites and keep linking them, and commenting on their posts. Also, invite the individuals behind them to post.
We are requesting each of evaluation event organizing teams to produce a 3-4-paragraph blog on an evaluation topic such as the theme for your event, your thoughts for EvalYear, evaluation issues in your region, the post-2015 agenda, the value of P2P collaboration, excellence in evaluation, etc. I am sure you have many social media experts in your team. If needed, we would also like to help you to publish these and promote them through social media prior to and during your event. Also we would suggest to make some video clips of the event and share them virtually. If you identify someone who are willing to handle social media, we will liaise with him/her regarding this.
Also, please identify people willing to tweet/ blog during your events, as we want to set up reinforcing chains of social media. Please use #EvalYear in those tweets. Also you might create a short event hashtag to be used together. EvalPartners social media team is available and willing to help you in this regard;
Esteban Tapella - - specially video creations
Tessie Catsambas - - specially Tweets
Pablo Rodriguez- Bilella - - Social media in general
Rituu B. Nanda - - blogging and social media in general
Rashmi Agrawal - - to share first experience in Delhi
Together we can build the profile of evaluation during 2015!
Best regards
Asela Kalugampitiya
EvalPartners Executive Coordinator
Based in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Email:, Skype: asela.kalugampitiya
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