Do not brand me, do not command me
Mother, sister, or wife, I need not be
Fie on you! Do not try to define me!
When you define me, you confine me
I am me, just me.

Do not ever limit my thought
Do not tell me what I am not
If I am selfish, I do not hold monopoly
If I am moody, see it not as some folly
I am me, just me.

Stop the labels, enough with the stereotype
Look deep in the mirror, I hold no gripe
The burden of compassion, the burden of care
It is not just for me, we must all surely share
I am me, just me.

Judge not my sins, nor ask if I am a sage
You be clean, when you turn my page
I am no less nor more, with the left & right brain
Stop your airs, you’re no better, on my life train
I am me, just me.


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