Adolescent-Led Review of the Magic Classroom Project and Community Preschool Playgrounds in Cambodia

UNICEF Cambodia recently completed its first Adolescent-Led Review!

This review looked at Magic Classroom, a health, nutrition as well as on water, sanitation and hygiene, activity that teaches lessons on healthier practices, such as hand washing with soap. It also looked at the community preschool playgrounds.

By engaging groups of 15 to 19-year-old students to perform data collection and analysis, the review was able to gain information and insights that would not have been possible with an external, adult evaluator. For more information on this review and how to engage young people in the evaluation process, check out the attached brief. You can also watch a fan video at the following link:

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Hi Erica,

Loved it. I do this kind of work. I had question on the methodology- which stage of evaluation you could not involve the adolescents?

What value did adolescents' participation bring to the evaluation.

Congratulations to all involved,


Very interesting,,


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