The practice of Feminist Evaluation

The volume deepens understanding on the theory and practice of feminist evaluation highlighting the importance and relevance of connectedness while intervening the inequitable systems & social norms. Authors : Rajib Nandi & Ratna M. Sudarshan 

Some members of Gender and Evaluation community met informally in small groups wherever it was possible. We also attended each others sessions and learned and shared. Some members like Susan Tamongong and Tom Archibald invited others to join Gender and Evaluation community. Members took leadership and met on their own as well. 

So what went well? and what can we do better next time? Let us do an After Experience Reflection

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What a shame not to be there.

Thanks for the pictures!

Regards, Julia

We missed you Julia! Thanks for your warm message.

 Great to see the members meet up. Wish I can, too. Someday. Thanks for sharing these. 


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