Dear all, I am building up a comprehensive database of gender indicators. I will compile both, development-related ones and humanitarian related ones. If you could help me pointing out websites, organizaciones, already existing databases on gender indicators, etc...I would be very grateful.

Thank you all and kind regards,


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Thank you so much Nitin, lots of useful resources!! Its going to be very helpful :)

Thank you :)

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Hi One of the best guides I have found is one developed a long time ago by the Canadian International Development Agency. Here is the link:

I would also recommend the BRIDGE Indicator:



Thank you so much!! :)

Thank you so much! :)

Thanks a lot!!

Please find attached couple of files. I hope they are useful 


Thank you! it seems very useful :)

Hello from Canada, 

Is there a way I can promote this initiative on LinkedIn? I have contact with a group of impact measurement professionals across Canada and I think they would be very interested to hear about this work.



Hi Margerit, this is a great idea of cross learning between two groups. Please share the link with them .

If you get back their responses to Gender and Evaluation community we will also learn. Thanks a lot Margarit.

Here's another one:

I look forward to seeing the compiled database!


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