Favourite picture from the Pastoral study

Prateek favourite photo from the pastoral study. This photo is something which I could relate to. We could point out before going to the field how pastoral woman's work does not find itself within the women and work discourse but it was after understanding the relationship of women with animals, we could understand the nature of "work" which a pastoral woman does. 


Good example of a Theory of Change for an aid agency's Gender policy.

Hi all

I have been asked to find an example of "good" Theory of Change that describes how a bilateral aid agency's gender policy is expected to work and have its effects

Good in this context means it is a good description of the agency's gender policy and is reasonably evaluable

If you can suggest any examples that are worth looking at I would be very grateful

regards, rick davies


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Hi Rick,

Response on email from our member Alifya Loharchalwala

Sharing the link to EMpower's TOC: http://www.empowerweb.org/what-we-do/theory-of-change

Thanks Aliya

Such an important question and I too would benefit from responses and resources to this question. Many thanks for raising it Rick.

Great question, and I am also looking forward to these examples!

I am not sure these are 'good', but here are two examples:

WOCAN: https://www.wocan.org/our-theory-of-change/ (like the simplicity)

WEMAN: https://www.oxfamnovib.nl/Redactie/Pdf/Theory%20of%20Change%20WEMAN... (very, very extensive. Wondering if anyone ever reads this...)

Womankind: https://www.womankind.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Womankind-T...

(is it a theory of change? not really. but, whatever works)

Best, Dennis

Thanks Dennis

Thanks Dennis!!

Thanks for the responses so far. 

Partly related to this question, I recently wrote a blog about what I thought was a good example of a ToC, but not relating to gender policy. You can see my argument and example here: https://mandenews.blogspot.com/2021/08/reconciling-need-for-both-ho...

I will check this out and share with others:-) 

Thank you! I started following your blog and also feature it in today's newsletter;


Deborah McSmith, MPH- Gavi has a good gender policy theory of change

Dear Rituu, how are you? Can I kindly ask you to share the gender policy ToC?

Hi Rituu, I tried googling for the Gavi ToC but couldn't find it. Can you please send it if you have it?


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