Dear friends,

I was wondering if anyone has put together a list of M&E Firms/ companies/ NGOs/ agencies/ startups/ academic institutions/ etc. which are engaged in conducting development M&E activities in India as consultants for NGOs/ govt/ CSRs/ funding agencies, etc.

I started asking around for one on ECOI network and we realised that may be there isn't one. If you know of any, please share it with me here. If you too feel that there is none and we should prepare one, please add your inputs to this google sheet where i am trying to put together a list.

This activity is just starting off, please feel free to contribute. This may become a good resource for us for future use in our various events, posting about jobs/ opportunities, exploring collaborations, etc.

Thanks and regards,

Yatin Diwakar

Coleader, EvalYouth Asia and EvalYouth India

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