Favourite picture from the Pastoral study

Prateek favourite photo from the pastoral study. This photo is something which I could relate to. We could point out before going to the field how pastoral woman's work does not find itself within the women and work discourse but it was after understanding the relationship of women with animals, we could understand the nature of "work" which a pastoral woman does. 


Looking for a resource on Evaluation of GBV risk mitigation on nutrition program for women/girls and children

Dear Members,

I am looking for a doc on the Evaluation of GBV risk mitigation intervention in a nutrition program, tools, and methodology. Please share if you have come across any useful resources. Thank you! 


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Hi Mesfin,

We have had some discussions in the community on a similar topic. Please let me know if you need more help. Good luck!

1. M&E strategy for GBV program https://gendereval.ning.com/forum/topics/m-e-strategy-system-for-ge...

2. WFP, together with fellow offices of evaluation across the international community, contributed findings from evaluations related to Gender Equality in Education to a lessons learned publication, coordinated by the Evaluation Coalition on COVID–19 https://gendereval.ning.com/profiles/blogs/does-school-feeding-and-...

it was found that intersectoral approaches involving health, education and protection were effective.

3. M&E toolkit for GBV projects in restrictive environments


4.  Recorded webinar: Proven Strategies for Stopping GBV https://gendereval.ning.com/profiles/blogs/recorded-webinar-proven-...

Hi Rituu,

Thank you so much for sharing the links.



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