EVALSDGs Insight #10- gender and equity in SDGs

EVALSDGs Insight #10 concerns a longstanding issue: gender inequality and the degree to which the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can assure equality and equity among peoples. Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs) of SDGs implementation in 66 countries indicate that countries must act vigorously to achieve gender equity across all SDGs. This Insight proposes some solutions for strengthening gender responsiveness in evaluations of the SDGs.


Looking for evaluators with experience in participatory evaluation for my PhD dissertation


My name is Akashi Kaul and I'm a fifth year PhD candidate at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, USA. I am currently working on my dissertation and am hoping to graduate this summer. Starting almost immediately, I'm looking to do the following two things for my dissertation research:

1. I'm looking to conduct interviews with 10-15 evaluators who have conducted international development evaluations, employing participatory or collaborative methods. The interview would focus on the process and challenges of conducting such evaluations. Please refer to the AEA 365 post I co-authored a while ago to get a brief idea of how I'm conceptualizing this.

If you would be interested in participating or know of someone who would, I would appreciate if you reached out! 

2. I am conducting a document analysis of the evaluation policy and procedure documents of major international aid and donor agencies, along with some popular instruments/frameworks used. Ideally, I would love to get my hands on some evaluation reports that used participatory or collaborative methods. Any references here would be greatly appreciated!

Any and all help, suggestions, references or resources would be highly appreciated!

Please feel free to write back with any questions!

Thank you, 

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Hi Akashi. I have conducted two evaluations using participatory methods. I'd be happy to assist you in your research. Please email me at aa.comfirst@gmail.com.

Best. Anita Anand.

Hi Akashi, you can reach me at nidhisharma.ns@gmail.com. happy to contribute to your research. 

Thanks Anita and Nidhi for your responses. I also facilitate participatory evaluation and participatory action research and would love to learn from you.

I want to inform you three that we are having Evaluation festival in India from 12th to 14th Feb 2020. hope you can join. 

Hello Akashi,

I would be happy to collaborate within your research.

Please send me details to swooni@gmail.com


Thanks for responding to Akashi. Wish I could learn from your experience Susana. 

Hi Akashi: I have conducted a few "Participatory Evaluations" in India and Bangladesh engaging organization staff and community leaders / representatives as Evaluators. You may reach to me at manas@askindia.org & +91-9999094204. 

Thanks Manas! With so many of us responding from India, lets have a session on participatory evaluation in the next EvalFest Feb 2020. 

Hi Akashi. I am Nuha Bashir from Palestine/ Gaza Strip. I have conducted a number of evaluations using participatory methods. I'd be happy to assist you in your research. Please email me at nuha.bashir@cdnpavia.net

It was great talking to you. here is a resource 

Nandi, R., Nanda, R. B., & Jugran, T. (2015). Evaluation from inside Out: The Experience of Using Local Knowledge and Practices to Evaluate a Program for Adolescent Girls in India through the Lens of Gender and Equity. Evaluation Journal of Australasia,15(1), 38-47. doi:10.1177/1035719x1501500106

Hi Akashi, I reply a bit late - if you still need evaluators to be interviewed you can contact me: verona@groverman.nl. I have conducted a number of evaluations using participatory methods.

Kind regards, Verona

Helloo sory that I reply with delay if you still need evaluators to be interviewed you can contact me: bizimanajd@gmail.com I am experienced in conducting  considerable evaluations using participatory methods.

Kind regards, 

Jean de Dieu

Hi Akashi,

I have experience relevant to your study. If you are still looking for people to interview, contact me at shanchett@igc.org. Cell phone is 917-345-3197. My resume is attached FYI.

Suzanne Hanchett



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