Looking for local academics/researchers: Pro-bono interview on the effects of COVID-19 on gender equality gains in selected countries in the Middle East

Hello Rituu and network members,

My name is Alexandra Santillana and work at Canada’s Ministry of Global Affairs as a Senior Evaluator Officer. My team and I are currently working on an evaluation of Canada’s international assistance programming in Gender Equality and Women’s empowerment in the Middle East and Maghreb, specifically in the following countries: Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, and Morocco.

We are looking for academics/researchers in those countries who are willing to chat with us in a pro-bono interview about the effects of COVID-19 on gender equality and women’s empowerment gains in the region. We would like to know from people on the ground how women and civil society organizations are experiencing changes in this new reality of COVID-19.

Your responses are confidential and will be used to complement information collected from secondary sources of data and other lines of evidence used in the evaluation.

If you would like to chat with us in either English or French or learn more about the evaluation we are conducting, please send me an email: Alexandra.santillana@international.gc.ca to coordinate a virtual meeting.

Many thanks,

Alexandra Santillana

Senior Evaluator, International Assistance Evaluation | Évaluatrice principale, Évaluation de l’aide internationale

International Assistance Evaluation Division (PRA) | Direction de l'évaluation de l’aide internationale (PRA)

Evaluation and Results Bureau (PRD) | Direction générale de l'évaluation et des résultats (PRD)

Strategic Policy Branch (PFM) | Secteur des politiques stratégiques (PFM)



125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa ON | 125, promenade Sussex, Ottawa ON Global Affairs Canada | Affaires mondiales Canada

Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada




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