Dear Colleagues,

I am a retired public policy analyst fortunate to be a stage in my life where I have the blessing of being able to choose when and what work I undertake next. Because of this, I am inspired to ask within this knowledgeable and thoughtful network how I can be of service and better utilize my skills and experience to assist socially marginalized and vulnerable people.

The information that flows through this forum continually enlightens me and inspires me to critical thought around what and how I contribute to the change that we are all working towards. Over the past year or so, I have noted the postings to this forum that highlight the intersection of evaluation with policy at all levels; it from this premise that I am asking for your advice and guidance.

For more than thirty years I have worked and gained immeasurable experience in evidence based policy development at all levels of society. Due to the nature of positions that I have held over my career I have also honed my skills and expertise in the areas of advocacy, research, communications, knowledge management, and of course, evaluation. I have profiles on both Devex and LinkedIn if you want further detail on my experience. 

Early in my career I was blessed to have amazing mentors, who not only empowered me but opened, up my ability to always pursue critical analysis through lens such as gender and other determinants of health perspectives. Then in 1991, I was so privileged to be trained in the leading edge of policy development within a gender lens through the Status of Women Canada. Now I incorporate both the determinants of health and the sustainable development goals in all analysis I do. 

Throughout my career I have always focused on how to formulate policy that is socially responsible. For me this means asking critical questions and understanding how any action taken by a government, organization or group will not only impact the intended audience but how it might have unintended impacts on others. Then I work to ensure that unintended impacts are discussed, mitigated or removed if possible.

As I noted before, I am in position where I do not need to work to support myself through contracting fees so any work I undertake now always has an element of volunteering to it. My international experience in working/volunteering has been generally within Europe and Africa but as an avid traveller I am truly open to learning and sharing expertise anywhere there is a mutually beneficial opportunity. 

My question to this forum is how would you utilize someone with my advanced policy skills to assist evaluation practitioners and organizations with the translation of evaluation findings into evidence based practices and policies? How could I help you or an organization you know? If you had access to a skilled policy analyst what would you want their expertise for? Are there tools a policy analyst could provide you with that would assist you in your work?

I am so looking forward to your feedback and insight. Thank you in advance for taking time from your very busy lives to at least read this post.
Thanks, Cheryl J. Dalziel

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Hello Cherly, my name is Harriet and I would love to connect and pick up this conversation, please contact with me on Skype harriet.adong5.


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