Resources on Feminist Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning in French/Spanish?

I am looking for resources that explicitly describe feminist evaluation principles that are written in French or Spanish. Thanks for any suggestions!

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Dear Carol,

I hope to find you well.I send you some material in spanish, I hope you find it interesting, I am an spanish evaluator, if you need something else, please let me know.

I send you a document and this link:

Warm regards,



Thank you dear Irene for responding to Carol. 

Dear Carol,

Please find below some of my publications in Spanish:

ØESPINOSA, Julia (2018) Guía de género para políticas públicas más transformadoras. Barcelona. Oxfam Intermón.

ØESPINOSA, Julia y TAMARGO, Mª Carmen (2015) “¿Cómo integrar un enfoque transformador de género la evaluación de políticas públicas? Debates y propuestas”,  SinerGias. PRIGEPP-FLACSO Argentina.

ØESPINOSA, Julia (2013a) “La evaluación sensible al género: Una herramienta para mejorar la calidad de la ayuda” en Cuadernos de género, nº 2. Madrid. ICEI.

All of them are written from a feminist perspective and are available in:

I also hope to publish 2 papers on feminist evaluation this year where "feminist principles" are exposed.

I hope you find useful this info.

Best regards,


Thanks to all of you who shared documents in Spanish. Much appreciated. These will be very useful for future workshops. 

I have just been co-facilitating a workshop on bringing feminist principles to MEL practice for Global Affairs Canada's Women's Voice and Leadership Program. This was a bilingual workshop and we could not find anything written in French. Clearly this is a gap that needs to be filled.

Thanks again all! 


Dear Carol,

I have just noticed that one’s of my new papers on feminist evaluation will be published in March. It is in Spanish and it is focused on how to evaluate success of gender equality plans. 

Please, feel free to email me if your are interested in it.

My email is:



Hi Carol!!!

I have some material in spanish that may be useful for you. You can reach me via email for better communication, if you want:

Best regards


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