Favourite picture from the Pastoral study

Prateek favourite photo from the pastoral study. This photo is something which I could relate to. We could point out before going to the field how pastoral woman's work does not find itself within the women and work discourse but it was after understanding the relationship of women with animals, we could understand the nature of "work" which a pastoral woman does. 


Dear Colleagues does anyone have a sample template for evaluating programs or projects from a gender perspective?  If so can you please share with us.  We would love to have it by the 12th of August if possible. If not by then , after then would also help us as well.

I look forward to hear from you.

Best regards,

Marcia Brandon

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Dear Marcia

Following pointers may guide you to have a template for evaluation.

1. What was the division of role and responsibilities between men and women within the program context?

2. Whether, the program facilitated equal access to control over resources by the program?

3. How the program facilitated a role to fulfill the strategic interest of women and which SI were achieved?

4. How, the program has facilitated questioning the power relation between men and women within program context?

5. Whether the program has helped the women to be in decision making role.

All these may guide you to draw a template.



Thank you Rukmini,

I shall bear these in mind as I draft a template.

Best regards

Have you found the tamplate? if not sent to me your email sothat I can share the document.


Thank you.

Most of the tools I have can contribute look at evaluating enterprise development/private sector development projects as that is my area of expertise! For example this one: DCED measuring WEE.

Practical templates and checklists are not so common, but have a checklist we developed for gender sensitive indicators in small enterprise development. I can send them if you need them.

Regards, Grania.

Thank you Grania. I shall explore.

Best regards.

Dear Marcia, 

I hope to be on time to reply to your query. 

I agree with Grania Mackie that practical templates and checklists for evaluating programs and projects from a gender perspective are not so common. However, I found that the checklist provided on page 44 of the "UNEG manual for integrating human rights and gender equality in evaluation" is very valuable. You will find it at:  http://www.unwomen.org/en/docs/2011/3/integrating-human-rights-and-...

Another practical resource is the UN Women manual: How to manage gender-responsive evaluation

In general, some of the questions we use to assess gender parity and gender dynamics in programs and projects are: (This is an example of a rural educational program)

-- To what extent are project activities reaching female and male beneficiaries equally?

-- What differential outcomes and impacts, if any, are project activities having on women and girls? Men and boys?

-- To what extent is the project actively addressing gender-specific barriers and constraints to education and community engagement?

-- What specific actions and interventions has the program fostered to promote gender equality, particularly in marginalized schools (e.g. schools that have low gender parity and other gender biases)?

I hope that this is useful.

Best regards, 

Fabiola Amariles 

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