Dear All,

I am final year PhD student at the University of Bath, England. My research topic is: How does the primary school curriculum, both implicit and explicit, influence the gendered capabilities of female pupils? It is an ethnographic case study in two schools in Northern India (Chandigarh).  I will be finishing my PhD by March 2020 and was wondering if there are any opportunities available in India, particularly in gender context.

I tried applying in general context in Indian Universities as my research area can fit into many broad categories, overarching different aspects in Social Sciences, like,  qualitative research methods etc. However, I never heard from any of these Universities. So, I decided to seek help here to find out if any of you is aware of any opportunity or guide me how and where I can apply apart from Indian Universities.

If this is inappropriate and you do not deal in this area, please ignore my message. If you do, I will be very obliged and thankful for your guidance. 

Special thanks to Rituu for suggesting to post here. 

Best Wishes,

Vandana Singh

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Hi Vandana, 

Are you looking for opportunities in Development sector or university?



Hi RItu,

Thank you so much for your reply. I would prefer Development sector but I don't have any experience in it. Whereas, in the university, I'm presently teaching as an associate lecturer in education and international Development (UK University). 




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