Training programme ‘Strengthening National M&E Capacities and Use. Evaluation societies as driving force” (19-31/10/2015)

IOB (Prof. Holvoet) organizes a new training programme ‘Strengthening National M&E Capacities and Use. Evaluation societies as driving force” (19-31/10/2015)

The two week training programme ( in Antwerp, Belgium) aims to bring together leading evaluation experts (members of National Evaluation Societies) to strengthen those evaluation societies in taking up the role of developing national M&E capacities and use. More specifically, this training programme will enable some 25 evaluation experts who are members of different national evaluation societies to become driving forces in strengthening their national M&E systems and use. 

The programme wants to attract evaluation experts from the government sector, civil society, parliament, donor agencies, academia. All participants however should have a university degree in social sciences (or related disciplines) and should have professional expertise in M&E (mid-level to high level professionals in the government sector, civil society, academia, think tanks, donor agencies, parliament). Applicants must also be proficient in English. To be eligible for a VLIR-UOS scholarship additional requirements apply (aged under 45; member of an evaluation society; national of country on VLIR-UOS country list)

For more information on the training programme, please have a look at the website:

There are 19 Vlir-uos scholarships available for the training programme.

Apply now through the online application form.

Deadline for application: 31/05/2015

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Thanks for sharing!

Sad, evaluators from Bhutan are not eligible!!!

Sad, evaluators from Afghanistan are not eligible!!!


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