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The importance of participatory monitoring of outcomes.

In my previous blog, "What's in a baseline" in the last sentence I say, "...we need to put more emphasis on E and less on M in M & E". What I meant to say was exactly the opposite, that is, 'more emphasis on M and less on E in M & E'.

What I failed to do was monitor what I was doing. It was only later, when Rituu Nanda made a comment that I realized my error. But it was too late! This is exactly what happens so often in community development - outputs get monitored instead of…


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What's in a baseline?

Recently I was in Afghanistan working with an NGO to establish a baseline for a project aimed at improving the participation of women in civic and political activity and also improving women's empowerment. The NGO had engaged me to help them with establishing a baseline after someone had given them my name as a practitioner who has a preference for practical, understandable methods where people can engage on their terms, in preference to using set surveys to extract data in response to…


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Some thoughts on participatory monitoring and how it can improve gender equity

At the recent Australasian evaluation Society's (AES) conference I found myself thinking more and more about the focus on the E in M&E. That is there is so little said about monitoring. Good participatory monitoring can mean the difference between a successful project and a disappointment.

In the final plenary Professor Patricia Rogers asked what did we, the delegates, consider as a bad evaluation. As I travelled home, 4.5hrs on the train I thought a lot about this. I think a bad…


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Equality and equity in evaluation

Equity in evaluation: Why is equity so important in evaluation? How can evaluations be better designed to account for equity issues?


I first started to think about equity as an issue in my work as a ‘development practitioner’ as a realistic alternative to the calls by development donors such as the Australian Aid Agency (AusAID) for ‘gender equality’. I say a realistic alternative because in the area of community development, which is where my work is mostly located,…


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