Randomista economics: A critique from Naila Kabeer

Worth a read - Naila Kabeer's strong rebuttal of Esther Duflo's  proposition that affirmative action for gender equality is distortionary and inefficient. Kabeer points to the "selective storytelling" that replicates familiar biases and constructs a narrative that is not borne out by experiences on the ground.   …


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Bringing a feminist lens to programme evaluation

I'm just back from the latest in a series of workshops conducted by ISST as part of their "Engendering Policy Through Evaluation" project.

Much of the conversation at the workshop was around the notion of "feminist evaluation" and how it should be defined. Is "feminist evaluation" a distinct field of practice with its own precepts, principles, methods and tools? Or is it simply the application of fundamental feminist principles and tools of analysis into the practice of…


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