Gender and Randomized Controlled Trials - 19 July, 2013

Attending this reflection session was useful. For  a person like me who wants to understand its relevance to the work one does this was basic and sufficient. J-Pal Delhi team  did a good job of finally educating me in most simple manner. I learned that there are evaluation of  programmes which resulted in decision of not to scale up  as a desired impact was not seen. I need to learn more on such evaluations. Diva Dhar's advice on scope of RCT in the work I have in hand is very useful. Now what I need to explore about evaluation that has informed any policy and how the scaling up was decided in the context of India. I would also need to explore the not so resource intensive evaluation which helped in deciding what works and what does not? Which is an  effective and cost effective programme? My understanding on evaluation and its implication on policy making at the level of government or at organisation needs to be sharpen. I also need to be aware  if gender is part of my thinking and hence working or not? What is the connection between being child rights activists and having insight on gender?

I thank ISST for organising such session which promotes learning and sharing! 

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