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Recently a very experienced Evaluation professional, Eleanor Chelimsky, passed away. Michael Patton compiled her insights and short video clips which you can enjoy. What a wonderful tribute and an opportunity to learn from her. 



After several days of rereading Eleanor's writings and revisiting our email exchanges, I felt compelled to try to communicate to those newer to evaluation the enormity of her impact on the profession and transdiscipline of evaluation. So I've pulled together some of her writings and clips from interviews with her into a YouTube video in hopes of making her insights and wisdom more accessible to those coming into evaluation and an opportunity for veterans of evaluation to remember and re-experience some of what she so generously and thoughtfully gave to our global community.

By YouTube norms, it's a long video (56 minutes), but edited down from more than 4 hours of profound material! The editing is choppy in places. I'm still learning how to use the technology. But the content is superb, important, and, I think, inspiring -- because it is Eleanor talking to us. I invite you to find a quiet hour to immerse yourself in her wisdom. Consider, if you will, resisting the temptation to skim and fast forward. She was on Earth for 95 years. Visit with her for an hour. Savor her words and spirit.


Michael Patton

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Comment by clemencia Osa Ouma on April 27, 2022 at 20:24

Go well Eleanor. You made your mark!

Comment by Saba'atu Elizabeth Danladi on April 25, 2022 at 21:23

We really lost an Intellectual.  I learn a lot from this video clip. She will live to be remembered for her contributions to general knowledge,  her good work, and her service to humanity.

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