Suggested Approaches to Conduct Impact Assessment Without a Baseline Data

Priya Anand posted a query ( on 28th September 2015 regarding approaches to conduct impact assessment without a baseline data. A team of three people namely Sirjan Adhikari (Nepal), Solomon Bizualem (Ethiopia) and  Ugwuibe Ted C (Nigeria) has summarized the suggested approaches to make a combined references. We hope this will help us and other people in the related subject area.

Summary of Recommended Approaches

1. Comparison of Control and Treatment Group or Cross-sectional Analysis Methods-Propensity Score Matching can be used to select sample groups

2. Document Review/Analysis to reconstruct baseline information/data

3.  Participatory Impact Assessment- Tools can be Focus Group Discussion (FGD), Key Informant Interview (KII), SWOT(C) Analysis

4. Regression Analysis can also be used within intervention group by selecting some elements

5. Past and Present Analysis (through KII, FGDs, Document Reviews)

6. Most Significant Change Approach/ Techniques - to identify the changes brought by the use

7. Time-Series/ Longitudinal Analysis

Names of Individuals who suggested aforementioned approaches

i. Madhumita Das ii. Shanthi Periasamy iii. Dr. Majur Katoch iv. Afsana Wahab v. Madhumita Sarkar vi. Isha Wedasinghe Miranda vii. Sarah Capper viii. Fanaye Gebrehiwot Feleke ix. Cecilia Manyame x.Godfrey Bwanika xi. Deo-Gracias Houndolo xii. Minal Mehta xiii. Elizabeth Negi

Online Resources suggested

Following links are recommended by Esteban Tapella, Will Allen and William N. Faulkner in order to find useful resources.

(1) (Book Title: Real World Evaluation)





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Comment by Rukmini Panda on November 11, 2015 at 17:14

Thanks for sharing this.

Comment by Dramane Bako on November 9, 2015 at 14:54

this is helpful. thanks for the summary

Comment by Kachero Benjamin on October 20, 2015 at 15:40

This is very important. we were faced with similar situation where a consultant could not tell us the impact of a programme because he could not get baseline data

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