The SDGs call for country leadership and whole-systems thinking: reflections on health, and more broadly

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I just published this article on DevEx:

My reflections springboard from a gallop of Ipsos--a global survey company that works with my company EnCompass, informed by a talk with Dr. Deborah Rugg, and inspired by today's leaders as Francis Omaswa.

The SDGs call upon us to approach development work not as development work, but as a global partnership where everyone matters. How can we best achieve that?

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Comment by Rituu B Nanda on September 29, 2015 at 15:46

Thanks Tessie for this exceptionally well written article. Response from Deborah Rugg is striking Rugg said that countries recognized during the MDGs that “development cannot be isolated; it is much more context-specific than we had thought.”

I remember an evaluation we conducted on a programme for women above 18 years of age. One of the components of the programme was SRH. During data collection and FGDs I rarely found women below 30 years. On probing it came to light that mother in laws do not send their young daughter-in-laws out for fear of being swayed by external influence. So, how will we reach out to younger women who need SRH services?

Tessie, we have to change our way of working if we want to bring about a change. Thanks again!

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