Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Mindfulness and Evaluation Practice

Fun use of GPT-3, an #artificialintelligence tool, to develop reflective questions to enhance evaluator mindfulness and build a more reflective practice!

Here are 3 of the reflective questions that were created (more are shared through the video/blog post):

- What aspects of this evaluation have caused me to feel uncomfortable?

- What is the part of this evaluation that I find most difficult to understand?

- What questions have I not asked that I should have asked?

- What have I done that, if I could do it again, I would do differently?

The discussion in this video about #mindfulness, #evaluation and #reflectivepractice relates to my previous videos with Thomas Archibald and Kylie Hutchinson, and the definition of evaluation I cite is from Amy Gullickson's work.

Here is the full blog post and video (embedded in the post):

Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Mindfulness and Evaluation...

Would love to hear your thoughts!



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