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Conducting a gender sensitive participatory implementation strategy for green infrastructure development in public spaces


I am currently working on a project that will involve developing a gender sensitive and participatory implementation strategy for green infrastructure development in an urban area in the Middle East. The main objective of this project is to engage local authorities and communities (particularly women and vulnerable segments of the population) in the whole process, and for them to be involved in the development of the gender sensitive and participatory implementation strategy, which would then be used when replicating the project in other areas. 

I was wondering if anyone has tips and/or suggestions on relevant literature that might be useful for me as i develop an approach and methodology for this assignment. 

Many thanks,


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Hello Hana, I am David Gabriel from Kenya.

Though I may not be able to make much contribution, I must say that yours is a very interesting and important topic/project and I would really love to follow it through with you and possibly get to know about your experiences and conclusions once you finish the project. This will greatly inform and help in my gender related work.

Many thanks in adavance.


David Gabriel.

Hi Hana,

Would you like inputs or you have finalised your design? I do this kind of work.




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