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I have been asked to undertake a gender assessment in two Indigenous villages deep into the interior of Suriname, close to the border of Brazil. I am worried that, with usual gender analysis (stereotypes, work, access and control, formal decision-making) I might miss certain aspects of female strength/status. Does anyone have tips / literature / expertise on how to capture the gender challenges of a traditional community that is literally and figuratively speaking on the border of a dominant (capitalist) western society?

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I did my field research living for six months in an Amerindian community in Guyana (English) a long time ago (1997). I don't know Suriname specifically so not sure if my input would be helpful. There were certainly cases of GBV linked to high rates of alcohol consumption. The women were recruited by the Amerindian Research Unit to gather and document traditional knowledge that was only available orally. You could see about contacting Janette Forte who used to be with the Amerindian Research Unit 


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