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I am trying to develop a SOW for someone to do a training which integrates gender into project monitoring and evaluation and I am having trouble coming up with what might go into the training agenda. Can anyone send me training agendas they might have used or have or help me with ideas they might have.

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Can I share with you an agenda of M&E training in French without Gender aspects?

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Thank you for your offer, but I have developed a number of M&E training agendas, what I need is one which integrates gender into the process in a way that projects are fully cognizant of their impact on gender.

Again, thank you.

j'aimerai bien rececoir ce module en français
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Rachida Tahri
Quand je le mettrai ensemble, je vous l'enverrai.   has a lot of work that is being on making gender visible in M&E process. They have a list of studies. you might find something that will be useful. or atleast adapt to your work. 

Thank you so much.

Here is a message from our member Seyhan Aydinligil 
The attached link of UN Women and the gender evaluation handbook may be of use to Sandra with respect to her recent query.
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Thank you so much.  I am COP for an M&E program for USAID in Iraq and our field monitors (FM) collect data throughout Iraq to make sure that implementing partner projects are complying with their award. We are taking on some new projects which include newly returning IDPs and as many of you know, many of the women and children had horrible experiences as refugees and IDPs.  We are trying to sensitive our FMs and, in fact, I just had them take the UN Women self-paced gender introductory course and the one on GBV.  I am wanting to follow this up with a comprehensive training of gender and M&E, but I wanted you to know the first place I turned was UN Women as I was very familiar with the good work you do.


1) Training agenda  -

measure training outcome by including following  

PARTICIPANTS TRAINED - bifurcation by  Sex ( Male /Female)

Sessions conducted by - bifurcation by sex- male/female- 

No of lead trainers ( bifurcation by sex -male/female)

-conduct trainee and trainer  interview - pre and post training to understand the gender related concerns


equal opportunity  clause

Disaggregation of data is not transformative, it only tells you what is and maintains the status quo.  Unless development specifically works for gender transformation, little will be achieved. The Gender Equality Continuum Tool attached helps explain this.  As an M&E specialist, I know that disaggregation does little or nothing to make change, but if goals include numbers or percentages of women or girls, projects are required to develop strategies of reaching them and including them in the process.


sure but is useful else people will not disagreegate 

In one of the evaluation of GFATM program I was evaluator and I interviewing trainee and trainer on issues related to gender  , trainee shared that  if training team is represented equally by both male and femlae and so also the evaluation team then  it really shows that  efforts are not just needed at  project level but also at the level of evaluation 

Absolutely true, but also true is that if project staff are inclusive, more women are reached. The impact on women comes from many levels.


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