Gender-Transformative Evaluation Frameworks- REQUEST FOR INFORMATION

Greetings from India

The Institute of Social Studies Trust is putting together on-line course on Gender-Transformation Evaluation in India.  with the support of the Ford Foundation   The intended audience is development professionals from India with minimum of three years of experience
One of the modules that Anwesha, ISST and me are working on is gender-transformative frameworks for evaluation.  We are aware of the Change-Matrix,  12 Box framework, Social Relations Framework,  empowerment framework and.   gender-integrated MEAL.
I was wondering if you want to suggest any other one that we should review and include
Ranjani and Anwesha

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Hello Ranjani and Anwesha, I have read your query and thought of sharing some resources for your consideration:

UN Women Evaluation Handbook: How to Manage Gender-Responsive Evaluation

Integrating Human Rights and Gender Equality in Evaluations

Gender Transformative Evaluations: Principles and Frameworks

With the hope that this helps, I wish you a wonderful work.

Warm regards, Laura Gagliardone

Hi Ranjani,

Please see some of the resources we have from our work on measuring gender transformative change as part of the CGIAR AAS programme:

Hope that is helpful, would be great to see what you come up with, please do share any final materials. 



I have written extensively about a transformative framework that includes gender and other dimensions of diversity that are used as a basis of discrimination and oppression with a focus on the support of transformative change to increase social justice. You can find many of my writings at my website:

Donna M. Mertens, PhD
Gallaudet University, Professor Emeritus

Adjunct Professor, Universidad del Valle, Guatemala City, Guatemala


Hi Ranjani and Anwesha,

I have tried to draw and some ideas from "Data metrics" in some research work I'm working on at present. Do check it out. I'm posting one link below.


Elizabeth Negi

Dear Ranjani and Anwesha,

We have worked on how to evaluate gender structural change at Universities. Please, find our guideline on how to do it. Maybe it could be useful for you.

Warm regards from Spain,



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