Looking for a resource on Evaluation of GBV risk mitigation on nutrition program for women/girls and children

Dear Members,

I am looking for a doc on the Evaluation of GBV risk mitigation intervention in a nutrition program, tools, and methodology. Please share if you have come across any useful resources. Thank you! 


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Hi Mesfin,

We have had some discussions in the community on a similar topic. Please let me know if you need more help. Good luck!

1. M&E strategy for GBV program https://gendereval.ning.com/forum/topics/m-e-strategy-system-for-ge...

2. WFP, together with fellow offices of evaluation across the international community, contributed findings from evaluations related to Gender Equality in Education to a lessons learned publication, coordinated by the Evaluation Coalition on COVID–19 https://gendereval.ning.com/profiles/blogs/does-school-feeding-and-...

it was found that intersectoral approaches involving health, education and protection were effective.

3. M&E toolkit for GBV projects in restrictive environments


4.  Recorded webinar: Proven Strategies for Stopping GBV https://gendereval.ning.com/profiles/blogs/recorded-webinar-proven-...

Hi Rituu,

Thank you so much for sharing the links.



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