Hi All, 

My name is Bandana Shrestha, working as Director, Gender Affairs Programme with The Colombo Plan. Its an intergovernmental organization. We're holding a Gender Focal Points Conference in Colombo in early May. I'm looking for consultants on the following topics: SDG (5 &10) and Gender and Disaster Management. This is targeted of Ministry of Women and Children. At the end of Conference, am looking at setting up Action Plans for regions (South Asia, East Asia and Pacific). Would be great if you could recommend experts on the topics who has a more global picture. 

Thank you. 

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Dear Bandana,Thank you for your email,I can do that ,I can help you can contact me via my email; bizimanajd@gmail.com.


Hi Bandana,

I am a member of the group from Ethiopia. I am a gender and development specialist and would be interested to know more. Can you give me the details on fanaye.gebrehiwot@gmail.com.



Hi Bandana,

When is the conference exactly? I would very much be interested to help out, but I already have other commitments between May 2nd and 18th. 

Hi Lina,

The Conference is from 3-5 May, so it won't be fitting your schedule.


Dear Bandana, I am an academic with a background as a gender and development knowledge practitioner based at the University of Leeds and would be pleased to support you but it would be useful to know what specifically you are looking for - is it mainly expertise in the areas you have been working in so far? I can see that The Colombo Plan has developed a focus on women and child rights, alongside an emphasis on income generation, education and health.

You can visit my staff page here:


 And you can email me at:


I look forward to hearing from you, best, Lata

Dear Ms Shrestha,

Thank you for the posting.

I am associated with the Department of Commerce of the University of Burdwan, India. I try to study the role of business firms in implementing the Women's Empowerment Principles. Also, we work in the area of Sustainability Practices (including those suggested by ILO) by organisations .

I was associated with UNEP FI as a member of a Technical Working Group. Presently working on the 'Sustainability Practices by SMEs around the globe: Analysis of the standards'. This is certainly associated with economic empowerment of women.

We are also considering the SSTC platform and Social and Solidarity Economic Organisations in the matter of women empowerment. The role of women in the matter of Governance of the entities is also an important issue which we are trying to study.

Considering your purpose I hesitate to say that I have sufficient skill to help you. However, if you think it to be of any help for your purpose, you may contact me.


Santanu Kumar Ghosh, Professor & Head, Department of Commerce, Burdwan University, India.

e-mail: shantanu.kaizen@gmail.com

Dear Bandana Ji

I want to take this opportunity. I am working  in South Asia Level. I will share you my products related to Action Plan and others. Can you Please provide your email ID my email ID is kopilarijal@gmail.com  and shall we talk in skype and Viber. Please talk detail about me with Kanchan Lama JI. Regards Kopila Rijal

Dear Bandana

I am a professor in Public health in Sri lanka and co chair of gender equity and equality standing committee of university grants commission. I feel definitely I will be able to help you.

please do contact me kumuduwije@gmail.com

 thank you

 Prof Kumudu wijewardene



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