Non-discriminatory policy or guidelines for the inclusion of LGBTQ int the workforce

Dear all,

I'd like to hear from you that if there any non-discriminatory policy on LGBTQ community entering into the workforce. Like many countries, in our context, due to socio-cultural factors, opportunities to openly discuss the subject of sexual orientation and sexual identity are limited. Therefore appreciate sharing your work experience and knowledge on this subject. 

many thanks 

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This is an important question Puvaneswary. Thanks for raising it. How do you plan to use the inputs? Meanwhile please see the last response to this blog :

I had personally spoken to the Transgender leader. Thanks.

Thanks Ritu for sharing the youtube link. as an organization that has been working with private sectors and promoting private public partnerships, WUSC is developing a diversity and inclusion human resource toolkit for micro, small and medium scale enterprises. so as to promote different marginalized youth groups into the workforce, we would like to put some tips and guidelines on inclusion of LGBTQ into workforce. Therefore we would like to hear any good practices by other countries regarding this. 


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