Seeking information on Gender and Evaluation Online Courses

Hello all. I am Anweshaa Ghosh, currently working as a Research analyst with ISST, New Delhi. We have begun to work on an Online Course of Gender Transformative Evaluation and  would really appreciate it if you could share information on any other Gender and Evaluation Online Courses (other than the ones being run by UNWomen and EvalPartners) which you might have taken in the past or know of currently. Any useful links on the same would be much appreciated. 

Thank you. 

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Dear Anweshaa,

Here is a compilation of activities/institutions/capacities in Evaluations with equity & equality focus

Not a direct response to your query but the resources might be of help. 

Thanks Rituu. Very useful. 

Dear Anweshaa,

We have a free online course titled "Gender Equality and Sexual Diversity" is permanently available to enroll whenever you want:

Best Regards.

Thank you Jose Zalaquett. 

Dear Anweshaa,

At TRAASS International we provide online courses for specialists in M&E. While our courses are not specific for the Gender Evaluations, you can still find a lot of useful information on methods, frameworks, report writing, etc. You are welcome to visit our website for further details. Wish you best of luck with your course development!



Hugues Juillerat, MPH
Managing Director

TRAASS International

Dear Anweshaa,

This is also not a a direct response to your query but we have developed a tool for evaluating processes in an organisation

And right now I realise we do not have the tool in English online - but if you are interested I could search for it as it gives quite a "good" pictures of what we thinks is essential in the evaluation process. It is a developed tool from a product my 
Swedish colleague developed for a Swedish municipal and now we are developing it together with experiences of work from Finland and Spain. The tool also guide the person using it to develop an action plan due to the results of the evaluation and works particularly on hands on work. We are now developing an additional version for more strategic work.

We are enterprises and organise workshops connected to the tool for those that need more support. But also due to the need on the organisation as intro to gender and gender equality, putting up the objectives for the equality work, but mainly support for the evaluation process. If you are interested in the English version of the tool you can mail me:

Hi Anweshaa, 

I came across this resource a little while ago:

They are Health-focused, but the principles could be useful to you. Here is a newer publication from them, for example: Integrating Gender into M&E.

Best of luck!


Responses on Pelican community

There is E-Learning | HREA  where there are courses on Gender Mainstreaming and  Monitoring Women's Rights  and at GWA  ( we are developing  e-learning training courses starting from next year on Gender Water and the SDG's together with our consortium partners. 
We will develop an e-course on monitoring the SDG's by using mobile phone (MAT) for local NGO's within the project @women2030
You can always contact me for further information 
Margriet Reinders
Deputy Director 
Gender and Water Alliance (GWA)

Dear Anweshaa,

In the event you have not seen it in the evalpartners’ website, UN Women just launched a new course on Integrating Human Rights and Gender Equality in Evaluations. You can find it here:



Priya Alvrez, UN Women

Hi there.  We (MEASURE Evaluation) have developed an online module on integrating gender in global health M&E available here:

Registration is free.


Jessica Fehringer

Gender Portfolio Manager

MEASURE Evaluation


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