Post Pandemic:- Metamorphosis or transformation?

Metamorphosis and transformation both indicate changes.  One of the major difference I feel is, in metamorphosis, situation can’t be reversed . If a caterpillar changed in to the butterfly, can’t go back in pupa stage or Larvae  stage.  Butterfly needs to learn flying instead of relearning crawling like larvae. 

After Pandemic, situation is changed a lot for many people who can’t go back into the situation as it was before pandemic. Now, they have to start from current situation. Need to change habits, and train themselves for survival in the new situations. One of the examples of metamorphosis type situation is where people lost their earning young family member. In such situation, people need to start fresh also in very late age.

In that case society has to change their behaviour as well and at last the governments has  to  look and modify their safety net programs and policies. 
One of the major challenges in starting as a fresh is debt, people who are indebted to private money lenders before covid or during covid could be in dilemma. 

A  good holistic research is needed to learn  what exactly is happening at the ground level. 

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