Gender and Equity Aware Participatory Processes in Evaluation

Ranjani.K.Murthy was supported by Indian Social Studies Trust to be present at American Evaluation Association.

She gave a presentation on Gender and Equity Aware Participatory Processes in Evaluation. On the link below you will find her presentation: Grappling With Complexity: Gender and Equity Aware Participatory Processes in Evaluation


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Comment by Ranjani K.Murthy on November 12, 2013 at 6:57

Dear Mark

Yes I agree that one of the key message- not on the slide- is to assess whether and how institutions and norms have changed in favour of women and oppressed groups, and not so much what program does. 

I have added a slide to my the ppt complete. Would be grateful to have your email to send it to you

You have a sharp eye and brain!!!



Comment by Mark Relyea on November 1, 2013 at 0:24

I attended this talk and was both impressed and motivated to apply some of these methods in my own work. One of my favorite messages from the presentation that isn't listed on the slides was the notion that if we are interested in seeing changes to systems and root causes, we should focus more on evaluating how programs have impacted systems, and where more effort is needed, rather than focusing so much on the details of what the program does. Programs will continue adapting to what is necessary for the context, but can only do so effectively if we keep evaluating the context.

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