Participatory Video in the Women's Economic Empowerment Global Evaluation of UN Women

In August 2014, InsightShare trainers traveled to Moldova as part of an external evaluation in partnership with Impact Ready on the Women's Economic Empowerment global portfolio of UN Women.
Our trainers supported a local team made of government staff and rural women to listen to 54 women and men in Riscani district. The women and men themselves selected and filmed six most significant stories of change. The local team then analysed the stories and provided some conclusions in a video report. 

To watch the videos go here:

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Comment by Aida Orgocka on December 1, 2014 at 20:28

Thank you for sharing this video. I would have been interested to have more information on the training of evaluators. How did the training change them?  Further, rather than enumerating changes in women's lives, it would be been helpful to know in what way the intervention changed the lives of women and men in the project areas.

Comment by Minal Mehta on December 1, 2014 at 19:18

It takes into account the  non-verbal  communication which audio recording or interview can miss. Human  communication is largely non-verbal( more than 90% as per literature). I was  surprised that analyst did not mention this aspect.

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