The CIPP Evaluation Model with Guili Zhang

James Pann, Ph.D. interviews Guili Zhang, Ph.D. about the Context, Input, Process, and Product (#CIPP#evaluation model. We discuss the book she published with Daniel Stufflebeam, Ph.D. in 2017: The CIPP Evaluation Model: How to Evaluate for Improvement and Accountability.

Guili provides a summary of the CIPP model, how she got involved with using it, and her work with Daniel on the book. She also refers to evaluation resources that are helpful to both novice and experienced evaluators as well as program designers, implementers, and others.

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Comment by Rachel Andriatsitohaina on December 23, 2021 at 2:54

Great reminder of the CIPP model from college. I am keen to know if the app was ever released 

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