Work and Women's Economic Empowerment

Mubashira Zaidi, from ISST, authored the chapter, 'Work and Women's Economic Empowerment in Tribal Rajasthan, India' in part 3, Emerging Dimensions in the Understanding of Women’s Unpaid Work of the book!

Books on collaborative methods in international development evaluation

Hello All!
Recently I was asked to compile a list of authors / books I find useful in informing my work on collaborative methods in evaluation. I came up with the following list , where not all authors talk about collaboration but bring up some great points about working in the international development context. I would be grateful if you could add to this list!

1. Patton - principle- focused and utilization- focused evaluation - and developmental evaluation
2. Mertens, D. M., & Wilson, A. T. (2012). Program evaluation theory and practice: A comprehensive guide. New York, NY: Guilford Press. - This volume is great for explaining the multiple branches of the evaluation tree
3. J.B. Cousins - participatory evaluation
4. Elizabeth Whitmore - transformative participatory evaluation
5. Fetterman - emancipatory evaluation
6. Rodney Hopson and Stafford Hood - culturally-responsive evaluation
7. Bamberger - Complexities in international development evaluation
8. Irene Guijt - Participatory evaluation
9. Offir - development evaluation
10. Donna Podems - Democratic Evaluation


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Hi Akashi,

possibly this book is also useful: 'Managing for Sustainable Development Impact. An Integrated Approach to Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation' :  it is published in April 2017

It builds on the earlier work of Irene Guijt  and Jim Woodhill (2002) , and we have expanded on the approach over the years.  Very much works from a participatory and learning oriented perspective.

Kind regards,

Cecile Kusters

Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

Dear Cecile,

Thanks! Am particularly interested in participation in M&E.



Hi Akashi

My suggestion:

Wadsworth, Yoland, 'Building in research and evaluation: Human inquiry for living systems 2010

Janet Congues

FamilyCare, Australia


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