Sharing details of my new book; I think (hope?) members will find it thought-provoking... how can we evaluate 'gender transformation' if we are not clear on what it is we want to transform? CAN we work on gender in isolation, if we are serious about tackling inequity and 'no one left behind'?

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Thanks for sharing your book. What are you most proud of about this book?

Wow... that's an interesting question, Rituu! I'm proud that I wrote it at all, & got it published... -)

Above and beyond that, I'm not sure 'proud' is the right word but I am very happy to be able to fly the flag for practical wisdom, and for work that really engages with where people are (not where 'we' think they should be).

Hope that answers your question!

Congratulations Gillian! And thanks Ritu for sharing this. 

rgds, Sindhu



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