Do you have a question on gender and equity-focused evaluation?

If there is one thing you wanted to know on gender-transformative/feminist evaluation what would it be?

We will compile the questions and then try to find answers amongst our members of gender and evaluation community.



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I think to begin with, the fist question I have is - What is feminist evaluation? what is not a feminist evaluation?

At the outset I would like to thank Ranjinidi for this initiative & Rituu for sharing this?

I have questions in my mind.

What are the prerequisites of equity focused evaluation?

Is it required that while taking gender equity evaluation of the programs, such evaluation of the organizations to be taken into consideration?

Hi there, and thanks for this wonderful initiative.

I have a rather practical question. I am part of a team facilitating a gender strategy for a big and complex international NGO. As part of this process we are screening tools and methodologies to assess the level and the quality of gender mainstreaming in their development and humanitarian programmes.

Any hint you can give us in this regard will be much appreciated! Thanks a million.


Dear Eva

Please look at the toolkit on non discrimination in emergencies by Save the Children.  I was one of the coauthors. It looks at inter-sectionalities, including gender

Thanks, we will include tools and methodologies to assess quality of gender mainstreaming in our resource pack. 



Thanks Ranjani!

Eva do look at the 12 box framework developed by oxfam novib- it also looks at institutional gender mainstreaming. Google. If you cannot find do revert. 



Thanks all who have already contributed to this great initiative. I have been following the website and now have a question that I would like to pick your brains about. I am looking for tools that parliamentarians can use to assess laws from a gender perspective. Has anyone used particular tools to train parliamentarians on this or knows of tools that they could be provided with (questions to ask, checklists, etc.).

Sharing gender analysis of laws with parliamentarians can be a strong advocacy tool but strengthening capacity of parliamentarians to make their own assessments could be even more powerful.

Any ideas or experiences you can share working on this would be very welcome!

Dear Sille

I would think a good place to explore would be UN Women. 

In Asia, there is Asia-Pacific Women Law and Development and I am sure they engage with Parliamentarians.  

International Women's Rights Action Watch works partly on this, and they have offices at regional level all over the world



Thank you very much for your suggestions Ranjani! 


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