Rigorous Impact Evaluations on Programs to end violence against women

Hello All,

I am a consultant currently based in New Delhi working on a report on Violence Against Women in South Asia.

Do you know of any GBV/VAW programs that have been evaluated independently and rigorously in any South Asian countries? I am trying to prepare a database of impact evaluations for programs targetting VAW in the region. If anyone knows of any tips  or can point me in the direction of any programs/evaluations or even resource persons that might be more knowledgeable on this in South Asia, I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Many, many thanks in advance for your help on this matter!

Tanya D'Lima

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Hi Tanya,

It might help to in touch with someone from Jagori.

This is the link to their website : http://jagori.org/

Good luck!

Hi Tanya,

There is another resource which might be useful to you

Partners for Prevention project evaluation assesses five-year violence prevention programme, informs new phase http://www.partners4prevention.org/news/partners-prevention-project...

Are you planning research on this topic?

Best wishes,


hi! great to get to know of your assignment. everybody is looking forward to know your methodologies and results. as you had asked in your message - did you check with International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW) at their Asia office is in Delhi.



Thank you all immensely for your help! I am checking with ICRW and Jagori already and will definitely keep you posted as I find something interesting and new.



Hello Tanya- It is too bad there are no large repositories that are free and online. There is a report from 2006 that is an overview, but not specific enough I am afraid.

Dear Tanya D,Lima

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Hello All,

I am now fully immersed in this process so thanks for your help. I will be happy to share what I find. This report commissioned by the World Bank will be out in the spring of next year.

I have noticed very few Randomized Control trials on projects specific to VAW/GBV, but maybe VAW is a component/outcome that is measured through other projects such as women's empowerment, employment, livelihood programs etc? Just a hunch cos I do not have research on this. But do you know of any of these that tackle VAW more indirectly in any of the eight South Asian countries?

Many thanks again




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