Small Grants for Research Papers on Feminist Evaluation/evaluation with gender and equity lens: Call for Proposals (India)

Capacity Building in Gender Transformative Evaluation

Institute of Social Studies Trust (ISST) New Delhi

With support from:Ford Foundation

Small Grants for Research Papers on Feminist Evaluation/evaluation with gender and equity lens: Call for Proposals (India)


Feminist/ gender transformative approaches to evaluation seek to unpack the nature of gender and social inequalities and further see evaluation as a political activity, itself part of a change process. There is relatively little literature on such approaches that reflect on the Indian context, and our objective is to help build the field by supporting research on Evaluation Design, Methods, Process, and Use.

Evaluators and researchers in India who have been part of evaluations seeking to understand and address gender issues within the programmes/ policies/ organisations being evaluated, are invited to contribute to this project on feminist evaluation.

Please note that funds are not available to conduct an evaluation but rather are for ‘evaluation research’ which can be applied or theoretical.For examples from published papers, please see the Indian Journal of Gender Studies, Special Issue on ‘Evaluating gender and equity’, Vol 19, no 2, June 2012, guest edited by Katherine Hay, Ratna M. Sudarshan and Ethel Mendez; and an edited book titled Feminist Evaluation Methodologies (forthcoming, Zubaan/ ISST).

Call for proposals:

  1. Please submit a concept note of 2-3 pages which should state clearly the objectives of the paper, and the data on which it would be based:(evaluations you have conducted? For example, if you have conducted several evaluations in a particular area, you might wish to reflect across these and see what have been the key learnings on design, method, process or use of evaluation; or you might wish to explore a particular method of evaluation and assess it's applicability in different situations/domains; you might wish to examine certain assumptions that are often made in policy or programme design regarding women's roles and explore what the implications of this are; you might wish to propose a particular approach to evaluation that hasn't been sufficiently tested or used; and so on.). Concept notes will be reviewed by an Advisory Committee and those selected may be asked for further details.While all proposals will be acknowledged, the decisions of the Advisory Committee will be final.
  2. The paper must be completed within 8 months. Please note thatadditional data collection cannot be supported by the project. Expected length is 8000 to 10000 words (eight to ten thousand words).Each research grant will be for an amount of uptoRs50,000 to cover all expenses associated with writing the paper.
  3. The call for proposals is only open to individuals resident in India, or organisations with an FCRA account.

Concept notes should be submitted to Dr Rajib Nandi at <>.Please address any queries/ clarifications on the same email. Applications can be submitted at any time before July 31, 2017.

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Thanks for posting Mubashira!

Thanks for posting.
I was curious to know whether this paper can be a collaborative one between Iran and India. I am ready to be involved.


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