Work and Women's Economic Empowerment

Mubashira Zaidi, from ISST, authored the chapter, 'Work and Women's Economic Empowerment in Tribal Rajasthan, India' in part 3, Emerging Dimensions in the Understanding of Women’s Unpaid Work of the book!

Transformation of women at work in Asia: An unfinished development agenda

This book examines the drivers of, and barriers to, participation of women in the Asian labour market for its socio-economic development and structural transformation. Based on original comparative research and extensive fieldwork, it highlights challenges that women across Asia face in gaining access to more and better jobs. Findings show that women across the continent have contributed significantly to its spectacular growth story.

Nonetheless, social norms and economic factors limit their levels of participation. This publication provides policy options for governments to promote decent work opportunities for women across social strata.

What's been said on low female labour force participation in the media —

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Thanks Diya. I am adding a video and Transcription of the video I found on the web. Source is

Dear Diya,

Thanks for the wonderful discussion on the book and for sharing the extremely informative links above. My doctoral thesis studies female labour force participation in the Indian economy for the years 2004/05 and 2011/12, based on NSS data. I shall be presenting my paper on the interactions of paid and unpaid work, at the ILO RDW Conference to be held in Geneva on July 3-5th, 2017. 

Reading your discussion and the links above has helped me a lot.

Best Regards,


I have shared on Facebook as I think it should reach as many people as possible.


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