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Theory of Change Workshop Online - pre-COVID-19

Inspired by Barbara Klugman's extremely helpful blog on her virtual theory of change workshop, I would like to contribute a few lines on my recent experience with visualising across different remote sites.

Our workshop was not about building a theory of change from scratch, but about enriching and validating the theory of change my evaluation team had reconstructed. The workshop was not totally "virtual" either: We held it in a meeting room of the organisation that had commissioned…


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Many thanks for the interest in our poster

Many thanks for the friendly comments about our poster! For those who wish to learn more about the research, feel free to visit the dedicated site www.evawreview.de and download the full review report. It comes with an executive summary.

To answer Rituu's question; I believe that one reason for our success is that the form in which we present findings from Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) is quite novel. Also, we put much effort into making…


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Our award-winning poster at the EES conference

My associate Wolfgang Stuppert and have been delighted about the 'best poster award' we won at the recent biennial conference of the European Evaluation Society (EES). This is because we have invested lots of time and effort to figure out how to present the rather complicated results of our Qualitative Comparative Analysis of 39 evaluations in the field of violence against women and girls. We're glad our efforts have been rewarded.…


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