EvalYear event in Netherlands: M&E for responsible innovation

The message and photos are courtesy Cecile Kusters

On 19 and 20 March 2015 the International Conference "Monitoring and Evaluation for Responsible Innovation" took place in Wageningen, organised by the Centre for Development Innovation, Wageningen University and Research centre in collaboration with Learning by Design. This conference focused on how M&E can responsibly support systemic change for a sustainable and equitable future. Some 110 participants from all over the world participated in this event. The EvalTorch was handed over to Cecile Kusters from CDI, Wageningen University and Research centre, by Cristina Galindez from CLEAR Mexico, who attended the evaluation event in Lima, Peru the week before.


Expectations about evaluation are shifting away from mainly assessing goal achievement to asking if the goals themselves can be considered responsible and how can we become more aware and critical of unexpected effects. Triggered in part by the undeniably urgent social and environmental crises, this shift asks of those involved in monitoring and evaluation to be clear which questions must be asked, what competencies are needed to do this, which conversations with who matter, and who is accountable for transformative innovation. The concept of ‘responsible innovation’ can help inspire those engaged in monitoring and evaluation to contribute responsibly for a sustainable and equitable future.


Keynote speaker Phil Macnaghten, stated that for responsible innovation we need to be anticipative, inclusive, reflexive & responsive. Keynote speaker Irene Guijt indicated the importance of thinking through responsible goals, looking out for the unexpected, and thinking through use, and that we already have a lot at our fingertips.


Conference materials, including keynote presentations and some 26 contributions can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/o3oucnz

Within the next few months videos and the conference report will also be uploaded.



Kind regards / Hartelijke groeten,

Ir. Cecile Kusters

Senior advisor (participatory) planning, monitoring and evaluation – managing for impact

Centre for Development Innovation, Wageningen University and Research centr

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Comment by Preeti on March 30, 2015 at 13:34

Its wonderful to see Cecile and the team in Wageningen university...getting nostalgic to see the picture. Reminds me of our days spent in the campus during 2010.. 

Best wishes


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