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World Development, the leading academic journal of development studies has published an Inaugural Symposium on RCTs in Development and Poverty Alleviation

under the leadership of its editor Arun Agarwal, to recognize the work and contributions of the joint winners of the 2019 Nobel prize for Economics - Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, and Michael Kremer.


Interestingly, the Symposium wanted to capture diverse voices either in support of or critical of experimental approaches, but based on scholarly reasoning and evidence including reflections on one’s own empirical work.


I took the opportunity to submit an article that represents a practitioner-evaluator viewpoint and discusses much of the work we evaluators are passionate about. World Development received 100 abstract submissions and finally accepted 52 submissions. The Symposium is amazing in the variety of perspectives and I am happy that my ‘voice’ was heard. I learned a lot regarding getting the abstract accepted and writing for this journal. I am convinced more than ever that we, evaluators, need to make bridges with other disciplines and sectors and learn to explain our craft better.


The World Development Symposium has articles from prominent thinkers so please do check it out.


 My article is available at this link (open access till February 7, 2020),6yxDAYSu


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Best wishes for the new year,


Sonal Zaveri

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