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Hello All!

My name is Akashi Kaul and I'm (relatively) new to this forum. Currently, I am a doctoral candidate at George Mason University in the United States, although I have previous experience in evaluation. As I inch towards completion - I am looking for a field site for my dissertation work.
My research is about identifying the components of 'participation' in international development evaluation, focusing specifically on issues of power, voice and agency.  
I'm looking for a dissertation field site in an ongoing or about to start evaluation that employs collaborative methods, even if it may not employ collaborative theory or program design, to study. I intend to study the nature of participation in such processes.  My ideal timeline is late November/ early December / January. For this purpose , I am looking for an evaluation site employing collaborative methods - even though the evaluation theory/ design may not have 'collaborative' 'participatory' 'empowerment' etc in the title. I am looking to collect data starting in late November/ early December. My preferred geographic location is Kenya/Tanzania/Uganda, though I'm open to other anglophone African countries. I would be very open to consulting for the said site while collecting my data too. I have previous experience in international development evaluation, particularly in education. And my PhD is in education policy too.

Do let me know if you know of any such sites!

Thank you!


P.S. This explains my work a little better:

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I have frowarded your request to MDF West Africa to the director Richard Yeboah, it might be interseting for you , as they are working in this field

Thanks Margriet! I'll look them up too!

Hello, I am in Tanzania, let us communicate through email and see how I can assist.  I have not understood your request so far. My email is

Hi Edgar! Thank you for reaching out! I'll be emailing you shortly ! Thanks !

Hi Akashi,

With your preference you could try Inter-University Council of East Africa -

It is a an institution under East Africa Community -EAC (Regional Economic Community) under the mandate of East African Secretariat.

The main aim is to coordinate and harmonize quality / standards of education in the six member states in EAC under IUCEA Act  2009. To also ensure full integration within the EAC institutional framework. Right now they are evaluating education policies and systems in all EAC countries for the quality of education the university and high schools give and environment they provide for learners

Please check it out. you will learn a lot

Thanks a ton Mary! That's very helpful!

 wow this sounds so interesting.  Congratulations and I know you will find your ideal.

Good luck with a successful find and completion.

Best regards,

Marcia Brandon 

Am in Tanzania and I am Tanzanian your welcome
And am working as researcher,please come to Tanzania.Am ready for any assistance and working together for data collection
Please contact me to my e-mail :

I work for BRAC Uganda as a Research Fellow. I'd be interested in having a discussion as I think this fits in really well with an upcoming community health promoter evaluation. I've tried integrating a bit of participatory evaluation into existing frameworks for BRAC Africa evaluations, and would love to learn more.

I can be reached via email:

Regards, Denise
PS - I also help coordinate the MasterCard Scholarships for Secondary Student evaluation. (I just noticed the education background).
Hey Denise! Thanks for this! I emailed you! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!



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