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Dear All,

I am Monika Banerjee working as a Research Fellow at the Institute of Social Studies Trust (ISST), New Delhi. I am currently trying to compile the Annual Report of ISST for the year 2020-21.

As you know that this online platform on Gender and Evaluation is being hosted by ISST since 2013 and we at ISST are extremely happy to see the way your participation is constantly strengthening this platform year after year.

This year for the annual report, we thought of including some reflections on the experiences of being part of this large family. It will also give us an understanding of areas where gains are visible and those where more work is required. Therefore, I request you to kindly help us in posting some of your reflections in terms of your experiences of being a member of this gender and eval online community.

We would like to know what has been your experience till date of being a member of this online community and in what way has it helped your work and career.

Hoping to hear from you all soon.

warm regards,


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I am new to being an active member of the 'Gender and Evaluation Community'. 

I see the 'Gender and Evaluation Community' as an exciting new home with promising opportunities for learning, supporting, impacting and sharing. 

I am certainly grateful for the opportunity.

Dear all, so far its been great to be part of this network of gender practitioners. Questions solved, job opportunities offered, meeting other professionals in the sector. Thank you all for this great network!

I am new on this platform and yet to participate in any event. However, I read people's post on LinkedIn concerning events that were organized, through which I have learnt some gender terminologies.
I'm glad to be here, and hoping to participate in some events soon.
Thanks to the organisers

I've been following this site and the posts for a number of years now and really value the diverse perspectives, the balance of academic and practical approaches, the personal exchanges, and the many references to research, projects, and people. I try to attend webinars when I can but also appreciate the many resources I've discovered because of this group. Rituu's personal tone and care provides the foundation for the sense of community. Many thanks from this evaluator in Canada!

Hi Rituu and all members,

I have been a member for many years and have greatly appreciated this space to connect with other evaluators.  I have shared resources and consultancy opportunities. I have used resources shared by others. And I have posed evaluation questions that I am struggling with and have been grateful for the generous feedback shared by other members. 

I am not as active as I would like to be in this space, but it is my go to whenever I need support or ideas. Thanks Rituu, Monika and members.

It has been a a great experience to be part of the gender evaluation community although I could have been more active. I have participated in some very interesting presentations and discussions. However, a few of them have been disapointing as the presenter has not answered the questions later on. Summa summarum, great work of the organisasers

Liisa Horelli

Dear Monika,

Although I am not very active myself on the platform, I do follow more or less what happens on it. Very happy with the Rituu coordinates and facilitates connection between members. Very useful to see the job opportunities posted by fellow organisations. It gives me a good impression of what is going on in the field of gender and evaluation.

Warmly, Hady Klaassen

The Netherlands

Reply by Asmat Ali Gill 1 hour ago

Very useful contributions by this group in terms of sharing information about several topics including opportunities, training events, and updates on the global issues. Keep it up. Thanks.

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he Gender and evaluation platform has been great one to be associated with. It provides useful information and opportunities to network and explore opportunities of interest. As a Gender Development Professional, I am proud to be associated with it.

Thank you

Aasha Ramesh

I learn from other people's experiences during the interactive sessions. I also read ideas from other people and was able to comment to share mine as well. 

I gained from blended ideas from people with diverse background and cultures which provided further insights to why gender and evaluation succeded more in some region or continent than others.  

I got lots of resource materials 

I appreciate being able to keep abreast of the latest trends in gender and evaluation topics.

Dear Monika,

I am based in France and have occasionally led or taken part in evaluation projects. Being a member of this community keeps me informed and has provided many opportunities for continuous learning. It is a precious resource. 

Many thanks to ISST for making it possible and for Rituu for being such a kind and dynamic person.

kind regards



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