Power, Institutions and Gender Relations: Can Evaluations Transform them? (Part II)

*The World We Want: Canadian Evaluation Society Conference, May 24th, 2015, Montreal, Montreal; 05/2015RANJANI%20K%20MURTHY_Expos%C3%A9_Power%2C%20Institutions%20and%20Ge...

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Comment by Ranjani K.Murthy on June 19, 2015 at 13:29

Dear Rituu

Thanks for your query. By transformative interests I meant those that challenge power relations between women and men.  The TN govt has improved drinking water supply (gender intensified), supply of sanitary pads in schools (sex specific)  but not gender transformative interests of  women like title deeds of houses on women's names, quota in private sector for women, programs to work with men and boys on gender (beyond life skills), giving protection to couples who adopt choice weddings. Rituu I have just finished writing up my ppt! will post it. Best Ranjani 

Comment by Rituu B Nanda on June 18, 2015 at 21:30

Thanks for sharing your presentation. Please refer to slide number 9 what do you mean by - not gender transformative? looking forward to your response.

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