Consultation : The next phase of Gender and Evaluation Community (Eng/French/Spanish)

Dear Members,

The Gender and Evaluation community has completed a decade. Thanks for your valuable contribution. We are reaching out to seek your advice on the next phase of the community of Practice. Hope you can spare your time to respond to the following questions by 12th March 2023:

  1. What are the crucial features of the community that must be retained in the next phase?
  2. In what ways would you as members contribute to make the community even more interactive and promote mutual learning and sharing? 
  3. In what ways do you like to engage /contribute in future?  If yes, for how long?
  4. Any other thoughts, questions, suggestions on the facilitation of the platform?

Consultation :  Prochaine phase de la Communauté 'Gender and Eval' 
Le genre et l'évaluation fera une décennie. Merci pour votre précieuse contribution. Nous nous adressons à vous pour obtenir votre avis sur la prochaine phase de la communauté de pratique.Nous espérons que vous pourrez consacrer un peu de votre temps à répondre aux questions suivantes avant le 12 mars 2023

  1.  Quelles sont les caractéristiques essentielles de la communauté qui devraient être conservées dans la prochaine phase ?
  2. Comment contribueriez-vous, en tant que membres, à rendre la communauté encore plus interactive et à promouvoir l'apprentissage mutuel et l’échange ?
  3. Comment aimeriez-vous vous engager/contribuer à l'avenir ?
  4. Et si oui, pour combien de temps ?Avez-vous d'autres réflexions, questions ou suggestions sur l'animation de la plateforme ?

Traduction avec l'aimable collaboration de MariJo Vázquez, Espagne

Consulta : Próxima fase de la Comunidad 'Gender and Eval' 
Género y Evaluación va a cumplir una década. Gracias por su valiosa contribución. Nos dirigimos a ustedes en busca de consejo sobre la próxima fase de la comunidad de práctica.Esperamos que puedan dedicar algo de su tiempo a responder a las siguientes preguntas antes del 12 de marzo de 2023

  1. ¿Cuáles son las características cruciales de la comunidad que deben conservarse en la siguiente fase?
  2. ¿De qué manera contribuirían ustedes, como miembros, a hacer que la comunidad sea aún más interactiva y promover el aprendizaje y el intercambio mutuos?
  3. ¿De qué manera les gustaría participar/contribuir en el futuro? Y en caso afirmativo, ¿por cuánto tiempo?
  4. ¿Tienen alguna otra idea, pregunta o sugerencia sobre la facilitación de la plataforma?

Traducción cortesía: MariJo Vázquez, España

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  1. ¿Cuáles son las características cruciales de la comunidad que deben conservarse en la siguiente fase?.  Creo que es muy importante que exista una comunidad de evaluación con enfoque feminista donde poder compartir dudas, metodologías y enfoques innovadores
  2. ¿De qué manera contribuirían ustedes, como miembros, a hacer que la comunidad sea aún más interactiva y promover el aprendizaje y el intercambio mutuos? Seguir generando conocimiento a través de la consulta y compartir prácticas y experiencias que pueden ser valiosas para el resto de la comunidad. Sería útil una interface más intuitiva e de "Facebook" donde compartir artículos y documentos relevantes, de manera más visual e interactiva
  3. ¿De qué manera les gustaría participar/contribuir en el futuro? Y en caso afirmativo, ¿por cuánto tiempo? Sí, siempre
  4. ¿Tienen alguna otra idea, pregunta o sugerencia sobre la facilitación de la plataforma? ¡Gracias por mantener viva esta comunidad!

Thanks a lot Irene. I so much value your advice. Warm greetings!

Thanks Irene,

Am pasting the English translation

What are the crucial features of the community that need to be preserved in the next phase? 
I think it is very important that there is an evaluation community with a feminist approach
where we can share doubts, methodologies and innovative approaches.
How would you, as members, contribute to making the community even more interactive
and promoting mutual learning and sharing?
Continue generating knowledge through consultation and sharing practices and experiences
that may be valuable to the rest of the community. A more intuitive and "Facebook" interface
would be useful where sharing relevant articles and documents, in a more
visual and interactive way
How would you like to participate/contribute in the future? And if so, for how long?
Yes always
Do you have any other ideas, questions or suggestions about facilitating the platform?
Thanks for keeping this community alive!

Dear Rituu

In response to the queries

- blogs, events, resources, vacancies should be retained

- there should be more talking to each other... may be webinars 

- I have been writing and will continue on gender intersectionality and evaluation.

- I feel the need for the coordinator to collate/analyse on common topics e.g. GT indicators, GT evaluation frameworks, backlash etc. This could be done every quarter

- if we could upload vidoes on GT evaluation in practice it would be good

Best as you transition


Thank you Ranjani. Value your ideas. I applaud your contribution to this community.

Thanks for shaping the priorities for the next phase Rituu. Please consider some ideas –

1. Crucial features to be retained - Important to have Discussion Forum, Vacancies, Blogs, Events and Resources

2. Members contribution for interactivity and learning - Share insights on emerging trends, share documents, highlight major points for collective reflection.

3. How to engage in future - Share latest writings about community based practices and system level changes; participate in panel discussions; collaborate to develop collective perspectives. Also fully agree with Ranjani's 4th point on common topics, indicators, frameworks...  

4. Other suggestions -  

-Expand dialogues with donors and govt duty bearers on community based and led evaluation practices.  

-Have more thematic working groups on key aspects that the practitioners want to priorities.

-The overall website design can be updated and more interactive. 

Many thanks Ratna! Great to learn from you.

  1. Crucial features of the community that must be retained:
  • The dynamic coordination that had a close relationship with members of the community at all levels, motivating participation and promoting knowledge exchange.
  • The global character of the community, that gives any individual member a broad spectrum of knowledge on gender and evaluation in different contexts.
  • The promotion of networking among members of the community.
  1. I think that our role as members is to keep aware of what is happening in the community, reply to and comment on contributions from other members, publish short articles or notes, and ask questions from our own work to seek advice on different aspects of the practice of gender and evaluation.
  2. I could contribute with regular notes and short articles about feminist evaluation and its practice in my region, Latin America and Spanish-speaking Caribbean.
  3. My suggestion is that in the short-term, the institutions that manage the community could convene meeting on the art of gender and evaluation in different regions of the globe, with particular attention to the future of the incorporation of feminist/gender equity and equality principles as a quality factor in evaluations.

Thank you so much, Fabiola. Appreciate your taking the time to provide valuable insights. Many thanks for your contribution to the community over the years.

Dear Rituu,

Many thanks for this initiative. Gosh, has it really been a decade that you have run this community platform? Time flies!

Most of the time I have been a passive consumer of the community, occasionally reading the updates or looking up a resource that pops up. The dramatic increase of remote meetings has dramatically increased the number of activities in my diary - as a result, time is tight I have difficulties even just keeping up with my own blog. But with an occasional gentle reminder, I might be able to contribute a little bit more to the community.

Face-to-face meetings are alwas great. Now that people are travelling a bit more again it could be nice to reach out to each other in real life. But I don't know what (technical?) way there could be to facilitate such exchange via this platform. Maybe something to consider in case you update the website?

Anyway - happy 10th anniversary - and hope to see gendereval members soon again, in real life, too :)

Warm wishes, Michaela

Thank you so much Michaela! Its so wonderful to have you as our member. Learned a great deal from you.

Bonjour et merci Rituu d’avoir défini les priorités pour la prochaine phase

 Partager les productions, les documents sur les pratiques communautaires 

 Participer à des tables rondes; collaborer pour développer des perspectives collectives.

je partage l'idée qu’il y ait une communauté d’évaluation avec une approche féministe où nous pouvons partager, les méthodologies et les approches innovantes. 

Entretenir le caractère mondial de la communauté, qui permet  à chaque membre/groupe  un large éventail de connaissances sur  l’évaluation sensible au genre dans différents contextes.

promouvoir le réseautage entre les membres de la communauté

joyeux 10e anniversaire


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